Lauren St George, Atlanta

While recovering from hip surgery, my physical therapy aggravated the herniated discs in my back. I was still stiff, tender and in considerable pain everywhere. The added stress of a declining business and trying to sell property added to my need for a better health and wellness plan.
Elisabeth introduced me to yoga therapy and I found it to be a complement to the meditation work that I was already doing. Elisabeth is a confident and soothing guide. I felt safe and respected during our time together and could feel that she truly cared about my wellbeing. The focus on breath and slow, careful movements, chosen for specific issues, produced significant results in as short as 4 weekly sessions. No other program or treatment was able to take care of both my mental and physical state.



Ella Dyer, Atlanta

I decided to try Yoga therapy because it seemed like an interesting alternative--connecting mind, body and emotions just made sense to me. At the time I was re-inventing myself with my work and learning more about myself. This approach enabled me to see my past, present and future more clearly.  Working with Elisabeth has helped me to cope better, and even thrive, thanks to a better understanding of myself. Yoga therapy will continue to be a tool I turn to for assistance in a blessed, but sometimes challenging, life.








Carine Van Loo, Paris

I have attended Elisabeth’s workshops in France
since 2012. During my first workshops, I was coming out of a very difficult time of my life--I had lost three loved ones in 19 months. I had put a barrier between
my mind and my body because it was the only
way I knew to be able to keep on going.

Until I realized that I was getting weaker and weaker. With Elisabeth’s help, I got rid of the knots that were holding in my emotional trauma. I discovered my inner strength, and that has made it possible for me to find my roots in life again. Because I feel more “whole”, I also have more confidence in life. If you want to give yourself a gift, go to her workshops. 

Thanks, Babette!