As a child, Paris native, Elisabeth, always comforts the kid who is rejected. At 10, she moves by the UK North Sea with her parents. There, she connects with a sense of freedom, becomes bilingual, falls in love with musicals, and gets distracted from her mom’s depression before returning to France three years later. 

As a young adult, Elisabeth is drawn to dancing and acting. 

Under family pressure, she takes on a “traditional” career and eventually becomes a journalist, writing for internal publications at global companies.

In her early 20’s, Elisabeth suffers physical symptoms--a severe stomach and neck pain—for which doctors cannot find the origin. That gives her the impetus to push open a therapist’s door at the advice of her mother. A grounding figure, Dr. Donnars helps Elisabeth become aware she lives in a “prison”, exclusively to answer her parents’ needs. Within months of beginning therapy, the pains go away. 

This marks the start of a two-decade-long journey toward finding her true self through various personal development experiences, as she simultaneously navigates her high-pressure job, party-going life, and a toxic relationship that lasts ten years.

In 2004, she puts an end to the relationship and is diagnosed with breast cancer soon after. It is then, shell shocked, that she discovers yoga through her teacher, Aline Frati. 

Yoga helps her to connect with her body in an unexplored way, work out physical tensions and experience an expanded state of being. It also reconnects her with her love for dancing and her passion for aiding in healing. Aline, a yoga teacher of over 30 years, encourages her to start teaching.

Elisabeth meets her husband, an American who lives in Atlanta, Georgia and soon makes the big move from Paris to Atlanta.


While working as a freelance writer, she takes the steps to train as a yoga teacher in 2010, in Atlanta. Her goal is to offer an alternative healing approach that mixes both the yoga practice and the verbalization. At the same time, she trains in Gestalt therapy. 

In 2012, she founds Yoga for Renewal with the goal of helping others connect with their body and with their true feelings. YFR is made up of both the specific yoga practice she’s learned from Aline, and of a healing circle.
In 2013, she completes her training with a yoga therapy program. 

Exhausted from overworking and over-giving to be loved, out of sync in her relationship and with her authentic self, Elisabeth is diagnosed with a second breast cancer in 2014. The same week, her father is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. 

Within two years, she recovers from cancer, loses her dad and divorces.
In her healing process, she realizes that she drags a desperate need to be seen. She goes back to therapy to see and recognize who she truly is--to feel her soul, instead of looking for others’ recognition. She reflects on her life purpose. She dives deeper into learning about the body and heart connection. She fine-tunes the unique gift she has to give with Yoga for Renewal, and, as a yoga therapist, starts working with input from a licensed psychologist, Laurent Malterre.

Today, Elisabeth is an IAYT-certified yoga therapist based in Atlanta. She has let go of writing, and dedicates her time to Yoga for Renewal, her life purpose, and to enjoy her tribe on each side of the ocean.